Yuki Takeshita

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Mouse cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen-2α (CTLA-2α), Drosophila CTLA-2-like protein (crammer), and Bombyx cysteine protease inhibitor (BCPI) belong to a novel family of cysteine protease inhibitors (I29). Their inhibitory mechanisms were studied comparatively. CTLA-2α contains a cysteine residue (C75), which is essential for its inhibitory potency. The(More)
We have prepared four new Cu(II) complexes containing valine moieties with imidazole ligands at the fourth coordination sites and examined their photo-induced reactions with TiO2 in order of understanding the reaction mechanisms. Under a nitrogen atmosphere, the intermolecular electron transfer reactions (essentially supramolecular interactions) of these(More)
In 1993, mathematician Feinstein found out perfect play on 6×6 board Othello gives 16-20 loss for the first player by using computer. He reported on the Web that it took two weeks to search forty billion positions in order to obtain the result. In our previous papers, we confirmed the perfect play he found is correct. And we also found another perfect play(More)
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