Yuki Taguchi

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A slab-type optical waveguide (s_OWG)-based microfluidic SPR measurement system for bisphenol A was developed. This s_OWG possesses consecutive parallel gold and silver deposition bands in the line of plasmon flow, allowing two individual SPR signals to be independently obtained as a result of the difference in resonant reflection spectra of these metals.(More)
We comparatively examined the trunk musculature and prezygapophyseal angle of mid-trunk vertebra in eight urodele species with different locomotive modes (aquatic Siren intermedia, Amphiuma tridactylum, Necturus maculosus and Andrias japonicus; semi-aquatic Cynops pyrrhogaster, Cynops ensicauda; and terrestrial Hynobius nigrescens, Hynobius lichenatus and(More)
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