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Fission yeast cells identify growing regions at the opposite ends of the cell, producing the rod-like shape. The positioning of the growth zone(s) and the polarized growth require CLIP170-like protein Tip1 and the Ndr kinase Orb6, respectively. Here, we show that the mor2/cps12 mutation disrupts the localization of F-actin at the cell ends, producing(More)
  • Yuki Sogabe
  • 21st International Conference on Advanced…
  • 2007
In this paper, some initial results are presented concerning work on the description and implementation of communications environments, here referred to as "virtual spaces, " that is, environments produced by communications systems, usually TCP/IP networks, and associated user devices such as telephones, PC's, PDA's, and so on. The underlying purpose of(More)
In this paper, we propose a differential modulation scheme for high speed wireless access which are interoperable and backward compatible to the legacy IEEE 802.11a. Using same frame format of IEEE 802.11a in 5 GHz band, the computer simulation shows the proposed scheme achieves excellent characteristic of packet error rate in high-speed mobile environment
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