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The seven-spanning calcium-sensing receptor (CaSR) activates multiple G proteins including Gq and Gi, and thereby activates a variety of second messengers and inhibits parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion. However, the exact signaling mechanisms underlying the functional activity of CaSR are not yet fully understood. The heterozygous inactivation of CaSR or(More)
The mutual binding inhibition of tetrodotoxin and saxitoxin to their binding protein from the plasma of Fugu pardalis was investigated by HPLC. The values for the half inhibitory concentration of tetrodotoxin (1.6 microM) binding to this protein (1.2 microM) for saxitoxin, and of saxitoxin (0.47 microM) binding to that (0.30 microM) for tetrodotoxin were(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare methods for harvesting canine bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) and determine the biological properties of canine BMSCs at successive passages in vitro. SAMPLE BMSCs collected from the femurs of 9 Beagles. PROCEDURES A fibroblast assay was performed to compare 2 methods for harvesting BMSCs: the aspiration and perfusion method. Flow(More)
Pufferfish saxitoxin and tetrodotoxin binding protein (PSTBP) was previously isolated from the plasma of the marine pufferfish, Takifugu pardalis. In this study, we investigated distribution pattern of PSTBP in intestine, liver, ovary, skin, and skeletal muscle of T. pardalis by immunohistochemical staining for the study of functions of this protein. In the(More)
We have been developing a multiprocessor architecture which creates speculative threads from a sequential program and executes them in parallel. In this architecture, we aim at the large-scale speculation which supports the execution of speculative threads of arbitrary size and duration. So, our system must be able to analyze the dependency on large amounts(More)
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