Yuki Sagawa

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A complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)-based multichip flexible neural stimulator for retinal prostheses was developed. The multichip retinal stimulator is capable of simultaneous multisite stimulation. An on-chip stimulation generator was implemented on the "unit chip," which is the core device of the multichip retinal stimulator. The performance(More)
SUMMARY We propose a temperature sensor employing a ring os-cillator composed of poly-Si thin-film transistors (TFTs). Particularly in this research, we compare temperature sensors using TFTs with lightly-doped drain structure (LDD TFTs) and TFTs with offset drain structure (offset TFTs). First, temperature dependences of transistor characteristics are(More)
We developed a novel CMOS-based multichip flexible neural stimulator with on-chip stimulation generator. It enables simultaneous multi-site stimulation. We also propose a new type of multi-chip retinal stimulator with single electrode / unit chip configuration. We successfully performed simultaneous multi-site stimulation in an in vivo retinal stimulation(More)
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