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We developed a web-based intelligent photo browser which enables automatic clustering of unstructured personal digital photo collection. We conducted user studies to assess the usability of the developed photo browser (APC, automatic photo classifier) compared with an unstructured one. The user task adopted here was finding some of target pictures indicated(More)
We developed a new web-based intelligent photo browsing system which helps to find desired photos more efficiently from unfamiliar photo collections. We conducted a user study to assess the effectiveness of the developed photo browser (automatic photo classifier by color and timestamp, APC-CT) compared to ones with other clustering methods. The user task(More)
Recently, Schwartz and Etzion proposed several efficient code construction methods of two-dimensional linear codes capable of correcting a single arbitrary cluster of errors of size . Some of their methods, however, impose the constraint that the degree of GF must be even. In this correspondence, we investigate whether such Schwartz-Etzion's methods are(More)
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