Yuki Ono

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The spatial luminance relationship between shading patterns and specular highlight is suggested to be a cue for perceptual translucency (Motoyoshi, 2010). Although local image features are also important for translucency perception (Fleming & Bulthoff, 2005), they have rarely been investigated. Here, we aimed to extract spatial regions related to(More)
This project focuses on building an autonomous vehicle as the test bed for the future development of an intelligent wheelchair, by proposing a framework for designing and implementing a mobile robot control program that is easily expandable and portable to other robotic platforms. Using a robot equipped with a minimal set of sensors such as a camera and(More)
A wireless 3-D NoC architecture for CMPs, in which the number of processor and cache chips stacked in a package can be changed after the chip fabrication, is proposed by using the inductive coupling technology that can connect more than two known-good-dies without wire connections. Each chip has data transceivers for uplink and downlink in order to(More)
Purpose. Genetic polymorphisms of MICA and DEPDC5 have been reported to correlate with progression to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in chronic hepatitis C patients. However, correlation of these genetic variants with HCC recurrence following hepatectomy has not yet been clarified. Methods. Ninety-six consecutive HCC patients who underwent hepatectomy,(More)
  • Yuki Ono, Major Professor, Walter D Potter, Suchendra Bhandarkar, Beth Preston, Maureen Grasso
  • 2003
This thesis addresses two issues in robotic application: an issue concerned with the verification of how well the existing heuristic methods compensate for uncertainty caused by sensing the unstructured environment, and an issue focusing on the design and implementation of a control system that is easily expandable and portable to another robotic platform(More)
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