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In this paper, we discuss the self-preserving function in the pulsation of circulation systems. Humans and many animals have circulation systems, which send blood with pulsation. However, how the pulsation is supporting the survival capability of them is not studied sufficiently. We propose an artificial circulation system that imitates homeostatic(More)
A large number of video files are shared in video sharing sites in the internet. In this paper, we propose video community extracting methods based on web community extracting method, which consist of <i>Fan</i> pages and <i>Center</i> pages, tf-idf, and Zipf's low. With our proposed methods, a video and a video list are considered as a <i>Center</i> page(More)
An advanced training machine is proposed for elderly people to maintain their lower limb strength. The training machine allows users to have a safe and effective training through exercise during standing up motion. The standing up ability by using own legs is the most important for elderly people to keep the level of their quality of life because they would(More)
We reported a girl with mitochondrial encephalomyopathy, who had various neuromuscular symptoms including dilated cardiomyopathy, generalized convulsions, myoclonus, muscular weakness and growth retardation. Lactate levels in the serum and CSF were elevated. Muscle biopsy showed scattered ragged-red fibers, and complex I (NADH-CoQ reductase) and complex IV(More)
We studied four Japanese patients with isolated growth hormone (hGH) deficiency from three different families. There was con-sanguinity in two of the three families, land three patients were second cousins. Each patient was homozygous for a deletion of approximately 7.5 kilobases, which included the hGH-N gene. The deletions in three patients belonging to(More)
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