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Placebo analgesia involves complex mechanisms and sometimes has a marked effect on patients in pain. In this study we examined changes in regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) under three different conditions (resting, hot, painful) before and after placebo administration using H 2 15 O and positron emission tomography in ten healthy subjects. In five(More)
Dog spontaneously develops prostate cancer (PC) like human. Since most dogs with PC have poor prognosis, they are expected to become a translational model for human advanced PC. Stem cell-derived 3D organoid culture could recapitulate organ structures and physiology. Using patient tissues, human PC organoid culture system was established. Recent study(More)
In Japan, physical therapists have usually been involved in physical therapy for patients with functional disorders associated with cerebrovascular or orthopedic diseases in hospitals. With the aging of Japanese society, the number of diseased people will progressively increase; thus, it is important to pay much more attention to disease prevention. In this(More)
Untreated canine intranasal tumors carry a poor prognosis. We retrospectively evaluated the efficacy of marginal tumor resection in combination with intraoperative acridine orange (AO) photodynamic therapy (PDT) and 1 fraction of 5 Gy megavoltage irradiation for canine intranasal malignant tumors. When cribriform plate invasion or turbinate destruction(More)
Repeatable head immobilization is important for minimizing positioning error during radiation therapy for veterinary patients with head neoplasms. The purpose of this retrospective cross-sectional study was to describe a novel technique for head immobilization (Device II) and compare this technique with a previously described technique (Device I). Device II(More)
Oncolytic virotherapy is a novel treatment involving replication-competent virus in the elimination of cancer. We have previously reported the oncolytic effects of reovirus in various canine cancer cell lines. This study aims to establish the safety profile of reovirus in dogs with spontaneously occurring tumours and to determine a recommended dosing(More)
A 16-year-old spayed female American Shorthair cat was presented with lethargy, anorexia, and wamble. Physical and blood examination did not reveal any remarkable findings. Abdominal ultrasonography identified the presence of a localized anechoic structure with a thick wall in contact with the small intestine and adjacent to the liver. Ultrasound-guided(More)
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