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ATM and ATR protein kinases play a crucial role in cellular DNA damage responses. The inhibition of ATM and ATR can lead to the abolition of the function of cell cycle checkpoints. In this regard, it is expected that checkpoint inhibitors can serve as sensitizing agents for anti-cancer chemo/radiotherapy. Although several ATM inhibitors have been reported,(More)
The Sokal and Hasford scores were developed in the chemotherapy and interferon era and are widely used as prognostic indicators in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). Recently, a new European Treatment and Outcome Study (EUTOS) scoring system was developed. We performed a multicenter retrospective study to validate the effectiveness of each of the(More)
We report a glomus tumor of the bronchus that showed invasion of the neural area and extrabronchial extension without significant histological malignancy. The patient was a male in his late 30s with the chief complaint being hemosputum. CT revealed a nodal shadow 15 mm in diameter in the right bronchus intermedius. An irregularly protruding lesion on the(More)
BACKGROUND Although the concept of induction therapy followed by surgical resection for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer (LA-NSCLC) has found general acceptance, the appropriate indications and the strategy for this treatment are still controversial. METHODS From 2000 through 2008, 36 patients received concurrent chemoradiotherapy followed by(More)
A series of experiments was conducted to investigate migration, proliferation and differentiation of gonadal germ cells (GGCs) collected from the gonads of 7-day-old chick embryos under cross-sex germline chimera conditions. The migratory and proliferative abilities of exogenous GGCs were examined by transferring 50 fluorescently labeled GGCs collected from(More)
— This paper proposes a maximum torque per ampere (MTPA) control method based on V/f control for the Interior Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor (IPMSM). The V/f control is inherently a position sensorless method. Therefore it is simpler than the conventional methods such as the sensorless vector control method. In addition, the MTPA control can be(More)
INTRODUCTION Surgery for locally advanced lung cancer is carried out following chemoradiotherapy. However, there are no reports clarifying what the effects on the subsequent prognosis are when surgery is carried out in cases with radiation pneumonitis. In this paper, we report on 2 cases of non-small cell lung cancer with Grade 2 radiation pneumonitis after(More)
INTRODUCTION Bronchoplasty is performed for both curability and preservation of the pulmonary function. CASE PRESENTATION We herein report the findings of a 65-year old female patient who was admitted to our hospital to undergo surgical treatment for lung cancer. We successfully performed left upper lobe double sleeve lobectomy and reconstructed the site(More)
We conducted experiments to evaluate the ability of gonadal germ cells (GGCs), isolated from the embryonic gonads of Ciconia boyciana or Geronticus eremita, to migrate into the gonads of developing chicken embryos. Fluorescently labeled GGCs, isolated by the PBS (-) method, were transferred into the dorsal aorta of 2-day-old chicken embryos. Five days after(More)