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More and more people in Bangladesh have recently become aware of the risk of drinking arsenic-contaminated groundwater, and have been trying to obtain drinking water from less arsenic-contaminated sources. In this study, arsenic intakes of 18 families living in one block of a rural village in an arsenic-affected district of Bangladesh were evaluated to(More)
The first successful example of cobalt-catalyzed reduction of N2 with Me3 SiCl and Na as a reductant, under ambient reaction conditions, gives N(SiMe3 )3 , which can be readily converted into NH3 . In this reaction system, 2,2'-bipyridine (bpy) is found to work as an effective additive to improve substantially the catalytic activity. CoN2 complexes bearing(More)
Amino-acid substitution at positions 70 and 91 of the hepatitis C virus (HCV)-1b core region is a factor that contributes to a non-virological response in treatment using interferon/ribavirin combination. In this study, a system was developed for detection of nucleotide sequence variation in the core region that is simpler and less expensive than the(More)
Porous silica nanocapsules with 20% 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (APS)-bound 6-carboxy-fluorescein (APS-fluorescein) and 80% APS molecules adsorbed on the surface of a 50-nm-diameter Au core were prepared by a modified core-shell method. Silica mesoporous nanocapsules were obtained after the Au cores were dissolved in sodium cyanide. The size of the pores(More)
Intensive efforts for the transformation of dinitrogen using transition metal-dinitrogen complexes as catalysts under mild reaction conditions have been made. However, limited systems have succeeded in the catalytic formation of ammonia. Here we show that newly designed and prepared dinitrogen-bridged dimolybdenum complexes bearing N-heterocyclic carbene-(More)
A total coloring of a graph G is a coloring of all elements of G, i.e. vertices and edges, such that no two adjacent or incident elements receive the same color. Let L(x) be a set of colors assigned to each element x of G. Then a list total coloring of G is a total coloring such that each element x receives a color contained in L(x). The list total coloring(More)
The direct formation of ammonia from molecular dinitrogen under mild reaction conditions was achieved by using new cobalt dinitrogen complexes bearing an anionic PNP-type pincer ligand. Up to 15.9 equivalents of ammonia were produced based on the amount of catalyst together with 1.0 equivalent of hydrazine (17.9 equiv of fixed nitrogen atoms).
Synthesis and reactivity of iron-dinitrogen complexes have been extensively studied, because the iron atom plays an important role in the industrial and biological nitrogen fixation. As a result, iron-catalyzed reduction of molecular dinitrogen into ammonia has recently been achieved. Here we show that an iron-dinitrogen complex bearing an anionic(More)
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