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The Tomato Terpene Synthase Gene Family1[W][OA]
Compounds of the terpenoid class play numerous roles in the interactions of plants with their environment, such as attracting pollinators and defending the plant against pests. We show here that theExpand
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Rice Os9BGlu31 Is a Transglucosidase with the Capacity to Equilibrate Phenylpropanoid, Flavonoid, and Phytohormone Glycoconjugates*
Background: Glycosylation regulates the activities of plant metabolites and is mediated by glycosyltransferases (GT), glycoside hydrolases (GH), and transglycosidases (TG). Results: The vacuolar TGExpand
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Biosynthesis of the Diterpenoid Lycosantalonol via Nerylneryl Diphosphate in Solanum lycopersicum
We recently reported that three genes involved in the biosynthesis of monoterpenes in trichomes, a cis-prenyltransferase named neryl diphosphate synthase 1 (NDPS1) and two terpene synthases (TPS19Expand
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Recent advances in understanding the anthocyanin modification steps in carnation flowers
Abstract Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) are among the most commercially important ornamental flower crops in the world along with roses and chrysanthemums. The variation in carnation flowerExpand
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Structure of the acyl-glucose-dependent anthocyanin 5-O-glucosyltransferase gene in carnations and its disruption by transposable elements in some varieties
The pink, red and crimson petal colors of carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) are produced by anthocyanins. The anthocyanins, pelargonidin and cyanidin can be modified by two glucoses at the 3 and 5Expand
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Enzymatic preparation of 1-O-hydroxycinnamoyl-β-D-glucoses and their application to the study of 1-O-hydroxycinnamoyl-β-D-glucose-dependent acyltransferase in anthocyanin-producing cultured cells of
Four 1-O-hydroxycinnamoyl-β-D-glucoses (HCA-Glcs), sinapoyl-, feruloyl-, caffeoyl-, and 4-coumaroyl-glucoses, were synthesized using a recombinant protein of sinapate glucosyltransferase fromExpand
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