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The reuse of free and open source software (FOSS) components is becoming more prevalent. One of the major challenges in finding the right component is finding one that has a license that is e for its intended use. The license of a FOSS component is determined by the licenses of its source code files. In this paper, we describe the challenges of identifying(More)
This paper summarized experiences of practical software development exercise in PBL style activities from organizer perspective. The object of this PBL is nurturing advanced knowledge as advanced information and communication technology (ICT) engineers. A main pillar of this report is trace the 5-year history of three sub environments such as development,(More)
When we reuse a code fragment in an open source system, it is very important to know the history of the code, such as the code origin and evolution. In this paper, we propose an integrated approach to code history tracking for open source repositories. This approach takes a query code fragment as its input, and returns the code fragments containing the code(More)
An identifier is an important key in mapping program elements onto domain knowledge for the purpose of program comprehension. Therefore, if identifiers in a program have inappropriate names, developers can waste a lot of time trying to understand the program. This paper proposes a method for extracting and gathering verb-object (V-O) relations, as good(More)
The reuse of free and open source software (FOSS) components is becoming more and more popular. They usually contain one or more software licenses describing the requirements and conditions which should be followed when been reused. Licenses are usually written in the header of source code files as program comments. Removing or modifying the license header(More)
For both users and developers, it is important to select an appropriate application from similar ones. There are some ways to know the differences in terms of features in several similar applications, but it is not easy. In this paper, we present a prototype of a comparison tool which identifies features corresponding to differences between API calling(More)
Source code of open-source software is permitted to be reused when and only when the conditions of its license are satisfied. There are many different conditions for reusing, since various open-source licenses are used. Therefore, the license of the source code may affect the frequency of reusing or the property of the software for which the source is(More)