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We present B2B-Swipe, a single-finger swipe gesture for a rectangular smartwatch that starts at a bezel and ends at a bezel to enrich input vocabulary. There are 16 possible B2B-Swipes because a rectangular smartwatch has four bezels. Moreover, B2B-Swipe can be implemented with a single-touch screen with no additional hardware. Our study shows that(More)
Taking into account requirements of sensor networks, we need fully-distributed and self-organizing control mechanisms which are scalable to the size of a network, robust to failures of sensor nodes, and adaptive to different and dynamically changing topology and changes in wireless communication environment. To accomplish this goal, our research group(More)
We introduce Bubble Cloud ---a technology that uses a bubble cluster for displaying images onto a screen. Bubble Cloud projects images onto bubbles without confining a fog and can float in the air by changing an operating condition of the bubble cluster such as altering the size of the bubble. Moreover, the user can modify the display because its shape is(More)
This paper deals with a novel communication timing control for wireless networks and radio interference problem. Communication timing control is based on the mutual synchronization of coupled phase oscillatory dynamics with a stochastic adaptation, according to the history of collision frequency in communication nodes. Through local and fully distributed(More)
We present a context-aware user interface system, called SynCro, comprising a smartphone and a smartwatch. SynCro provides the user with context-dependent user interfaces (UIs), and will synthesize layouts, feedback, or input methods of these devices during use, depending on a identified usage context. To develop SynCro, we implemented a context recognizer(More)
We present Watch Commander, a gesture-based invocation system for rectangular smartwatches. Watch Commander allows the user to invoke functions easily and quickly by using Bezel to Bezel-Swipe (B2B-Swipe). This is because B2B-Swipe does not conflict with other swipe gestures such as flick and bezel swipe and can be performed in an eyes-free manner.(More)
In this study, we explore context-aware cross-device interactions between a smartphone and smartwatch. We present 24 contexts, and then examine and prioritize suitable user interfaces (UIs) for each. In addition, we present example applications, including a map, notification management system, multitasking application, music player, and video chat(More)
In multi-hop wireless sensor networks (WSNs) consisting of intermittent operating nodes, increases the processing time in the parent node discovery phase is an important issue because in the conventional parent node discovery method, the joining node chooses a parent node from among all its neighboring nodes. In the proposed scheme, if a neighboring node(More)