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Ipomoea is the largest genus in the family Convolvulaceae. Ipomoea nil (Japanese morning glory) has been utilized as a model plant to study the genetic basis of floricultural traits, with over 1,500 mutant lines. In the present study, we have utilized second- and third-generation-sequencing platforms, and have reported a draft genome of I. nil with a(More)
Photonics-based frequency-domain terahertz (THz) wave measurement systems have received significant attention in both scientific and industrial fields due to their high-frequency resolution. Highly sensitive phase-measurement systems have been desired in the chemical, material, and biomedical sciences to facilitate microanalysis of materials. Here, we(More)
Rhodium on a La-containing ZrO2 support effectively eliminated NOx from a synthetic auto exhaust gas under fluctuating oxygen conditions. Rhodium particles maintained a low oxidation state on the ZrO2-La2O3 mixed oxide even after treatment with 5% O2 at 773 K, highlighting the significant effect of the La addition.
Rh nanoparticles have been fabricated by the evaporation method using the He gas in the Rh evaporation chamber, connected with the pre-evacuation chamber of BL6N1 at Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center (Aichi SR). The electronic and geometric properties of the Rh nanoparticles have been verified without atmosphere exposure (in situ XPS) and after atmosphere(More)
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