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The regression of diet-induced atherosclerosis in Göttingen Miniature Swine was investigated after a 6-month induction period. At 1 month after feeding a high-cholesterol and high-fat diet, levels of beta-lipoprotein, total cholesterol, free fatty acids and phospholipid had increased rapidly and the high levels were maintained throughout the 6 month(More)
In this paper, we propose a vision based compliant motion control method for part assembly work. Some industrial parts are deformed during assembly of parts. If work progress continues, deformation of the part increases, humans check the deformation and adjust force corresponding to the progress state. The proposed method enables a robot manipulator to(More)
1. Because precise microsurgical procedures must be done within an extremely small surgical field, securing the patient's head during such surgery becomes imperative. 2. While the patient is placed in a position convenient for the surgeon, the position must also be comfortable for the patient; a compromise has to be made. 3. The successful outcome of(More)
1. The optimal ocular position after vitreoretinal surgery with intravitreous gas tamponade is with the axis of the eye pointed downward. 2. Careless prone fixation may cause accidents of eyeball depression. 3. To help patients keep the proper prone facial and ocular positions, a modified catcher's mask was developed for use as a facial support.
Angiomyolipoma is a common benign renal tumor. It is typically composed of adipose tissue and hence is easily diagnosed by using imaging methods such as ultrasonography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. However, it is difficult to differentiate an atypical angiomyolipoma such as a fat-poor angiomyolipoma from a malignant tumor by using(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Rapid progressive disease (RPD), accelerated tumour growth immediate after the initiation of immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy, has been reported in melanoma and lung cancer. Herein, we describe 3 cases of RPD during the initial phase of nivolumab treatment for metastatic renal cell carcinoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS The first and second(More)
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