Yuki Kinebuchi

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—System integrity monitors, such as rootkit detectors, rely critically on the ability to fetch and inspect pages containing code and data of a target system under study. To avoid being infected by malicious or compromised targets, state of the art system integrity monitors rely on virtualization technology to set up a tamper-proof execution environment.(More)
Constructing an embedded device with a real-time and a general-purpose operating system has attracted attention as a promising approach to let the device balance real-time responsiveness and rich func-tionalities. This paper introduces our methodology for constructing such multi-OS platform with minimal engineering cost by assuming asymmet-ric OS(More)
A virtualization layer makes it possible to compose multiple functionalities on a multi-core processor with minimum modifications of OS kernels and applications. A multi-core processor is a good candidate to compose various software independently developed for dedicated processors into one multi-core processor to reduce both the hardware and development(More)
Future ambient intelligence environments will embed powerful multi-core processors to compose various functionalities into a smaller number of hardware components. This makes the maintainability of intelligent environments better because it is not easy to manage massively distributed processors. A composition kernel makes it possible to compose multiple(More)