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CeO2 nanocatalysts for the chemical recycling of polycarbonate
Abstract A novel catalytic property of CeO2 and its nanocrystals is discovered, and a simple chemical recycling technique for the conversion of poly(bisphenol A) carbonate (PC) to the contexture
Modulation of benzene or naphthalene binding to palladium cluster sites by the backside-ligand effect.
The present results imply that the ligand design of theMetal clusters, especially for the backside ligand of the metal cluster site, is crucial to acquire a desired reactivity of metal clusters.
Synthesis of crambescin B carboxylic acid, a potent inhibitor of voltage-gated sodium channels.
The cell-based colorimetric assay showed that the synthesized carboxylic acid exhibited a potent inhibitory activity on voltage-gated sodium channels.
Asymmetric synthesis of crambescin A-C carboxylic acids and their inhibitory activity on voltage-gated sodium channels.
Structural-activity relationship studies against voltage-gated sodium channel (VGSC) inhibition using those synthetic compounds revealed that the natural enantiomer of crambescin B carboxylic acid was most active and comparable to tetrodotoxin, and the unalkylated cyclic guanidinium structure is indispensible, while the carboxylate moiety is not important.
Substrate Binding by a Parallel Metal Sheet Sandwich Complex: A Unique Role of an Additional Metal Atom.
It was proved that the additional metal atom plays a crucial role in binding of cyclopentadienyl by a Pd3 sheet sandwich complex.
Bridging Coordination of Vinylarenes to Pd3 - or Pd4 Cluster Sites.
It was proved that a soluble Pd3 - or Pd4 sheet cluster accommodates vinylarenes at its bridging coordination site in an unusual mode in palladium chemistry.
Dinuclear palladium(I) sandwich complexes of furan and toluene
Abstract The reaction of a dinuclear palladium complex [Pd2(CH3CN)6][X]2 (X = BF4, PF6) with excess furan afforded the sandwich-type bis-furan dinuclear palladium(I) complex
Inhibition of veratridine-induced delayed inactivation of the voltage-sensitive sodium channel by synthetic analogs of crambescin B.
It is concluded that crambescin B carboxylic acid does not block V SSC in a similar manner to TTX but modulate the action of VTD, thereby causing an apparent block of VSSC in the cell-based assay.
Reversible Structural Changes Accompanying the Two-Electron Redox Reaction of Pt(tacn) (tacn: 1,4,7-triazacyclononane) Complexes
Platinum complexes with 1,4,7-triazacyclononane (tacn) as facial ligands, [PtIVCl3(tacn)](ClO4), [PtIVCl(bpy)(tacn)](ClO4)3 ([1](ClO4), and [2](ClO4)3, bpy: 2,2′-bipyridine) were prepared, and thei...
Brønsted Acid-Catalyzed Aza-Ferrier Reaction of N,O-Allenyl Acetals: Synthesis of β-Amino-α-methylene Aldehydes.
A Tf2NH-catalyzed aza-Ferrier reaction of N,O-allenyl acetals was reported. This protocol provided various types of β-amino-α-methylene aldehydes as the products. The N,O-allenyl acetal substrates