Yuki Ikeda Moore

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We recently showed HLA-B35-restricted CTL activity for 10 HIV-1 epitopes in PBL from two HIV-1-infected individuals. In the present study, we established CTL clones specific for nine of these HIV-1 epitopes to confirm these HLA-B35-restricted epitopes. The specific CTL clones effectively killed the HLA-B*3501-positive target cells infected with the HIV-1(More)
The binding capacity of one-hundred-and-seventy-two 8-mer to 11-mer peptides carrying HLA-A24 anchor residues to HLA-A*2402 molecules was analyzed by using a HLA class I stabilization assay. Most (76.2%) of these peptides bound to HLA-A*2402 molecules. These results confirmed previous findings that Tyr and Phe at P2 as well as Phe, Trp, Ile, and Leu at the(More)
The receptors for major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I molecules on NK cells prevent NK cell-mediated cytolysis (Moretta et al. 1992; Gumperz and Parham 1995; Colonna 1996; Lanier and Phillips 1996). The known receptors for HLA-Bw4 and HLA-C molecules recognize polymorphic residues on residues 77 – 80 of MHC class I molecules (Colonna et al. 1993;(More)
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