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PURPOSE Local surgery is safer than remote surgery because emergencies can be more easily addressed. Although many locally operated surgical robots and devices have been developed, none can safely grasp organs and provide traction. A new manipulator with a detachable commercial forceps was developed that can act as a third arm for a surgeon situated in a(More)
PURPOSE : Single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) brings cosmetic benefits for patients, but this procedure is more difficult than laparoscopic surgery. In order to reduce surgeons' burden, we have developed a master-slave robot system which can provide robot-assisted SILS as if it were performing(More)
In retinal surgery, microsurgical instruments such as micro forceps, scissors and picks are inserted through the eye wall via sclerotomies. A handheld intraocular light source is typically used to visualize the tools during the procedure. Retinal surgery requires precise and stable tool maneuvers as the surgical targets are micro scale, fragile and critical(More)
PURPOSE Single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) provides more cosmetic benefits than conventional laparoscopic surgery but presents operational difficulties. To overcome this technical problem, we have developed a locally operated master-slave robot system that provides operability and a visual field similar to conventional laparoscopic surgery. (More)
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