Yuki Hanai

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Nicorandil significantly reducted the incidence of major coronary events in patients with stable angina in a long-term trial, although there are few reports on its short-term efficacy in the treatment and prevention of angina symptoms. We performed a meta-analysis of the short-term efficacy of nicorandil compared with antianginal drugs for stable angina. We(More)
An experiment including a [1-(13)C]leucine isotope dilution and a nitrogen balance were carried out to determine the effect of feeding plantain herb (Plantago lanceolata L.) on whole body protein synthesis (WBPS) and degradation in sheep kept at thermoneutral temperature (20 degrees C) or exposed to heat (30 degrees C). The animals were fed either mixed hay(More)
Previous approaches have proposed to recover the poly shape but it is desired that absolute size of polyp can be obtained as a medical endoscope system. The VBW (Vogel-Breuss-Weickert) model is proposed as a method to recover 3-D shape under point light source illumination and perspective projection. However, the VBW model recovers relative, not absolute,(More)
As a method to recover 3D shape under point light source and perspective projection, a method to recover the depth distribution has been proposed using optimization with both photometric and geometrical constraints which represents the relation between an interesting point and neighboring points under the assumption of Lambertian reflectance. This method(More)
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