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This paper describes our ongoing project related to touchscreen keyboard interfaces. This customizable and adaptable touchscreen keyboard with bubble cursor-like visual feedback, CATKey, is a software keyboard for touchscreens that is designed to provide adaptable and customizable functions. We discuss its concept, prototype, and tentative evaluation.
This paper investigates the system-level throughput performance of non-orthogonal access with minimum mean squared error-based linear filtering followed by a successive interference canceller (MMSE-SIC) in the cellular uplink. Although non-orthogonal access employing the MMSE-SIC achieves the entire region of the multiuser capacity in a multiple access(More)
Touchscreen interfaces have attracted attention in recent years because their flexibility, functionality, and usability for design have become better known. They have been used in public-use terminals such as automated teller machines, ticket machines, and information kiosks. Recently, they are used for small, mobile device interfaces such as Apple’s iPhone(More)
This paper introduces a framework that can extract an alpha matte from a single image with Fresnel reflection, and that can composite other objects with the image such that plausible reflections are included. Our method handles reflections in a plane with small undulations, for example, a water surface with waves or a glossy tabletop. During the matting(More)
A prototype 1 mm High-Resolution micro-Magic Angle Spinning (HRμMAS) probe is described. High quality (1)H NMR spectra were obtained from 490 μg of heterogeneous biospecimens, offering a rich-metabolite profiling. The results demonstrate the potential of HRμMAS as a new NMR analytical tool in metabolomics.
PURPOSE We evaluated usefulness of transcatheter arterial embolization (TAE) for deep renal injury, and investigated whether there is any difference in outcomes for transcatheter arterial embolization (TAE) performed for deep renal injury in a large-sized hospital (university hospital) in comparison with a middle-sized hospital (local hospital). METHODS(More)
We present the rapid single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) analysis by capillary and microchip electrophoresis to detect the mutations in K-ras gene. Parameters that might affect the analysis of mutation in K-ras gene, such as the polymer and the additive in the sieving matrix, have been studied systematically. Under the optimal conditions, the(More)