Yukari Yamashita

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Evodiamine, an alkaloid extracted from the dried unripe fruit of the tree Evodia rutaecarpa Bentham (Rutaceae), reduces obesity and insulin resistance in obese/diabetic mice; however, the mechanism underlying the effect of evodiamine on insulin resistance is unknown. This study investigated the effect of evodiamine on signal transduction relating to insulin(More)
We present results of our survey observations of the [C II] 158 µm line emission from the Galactic plane using the Balloon-borne Infrared Carbon Explorer (BICE). Our survey covers a wide area (350 • ∼ < l ∼ < 25 • , |b| ∼ < 3 •) with a spatial resolution of 15 ′. We employed a new observing method called the " fast spectral scanning " to make large-scale(More)
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