Yukari Saito

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Species in the wood-feeding genus Salganea within the cockroach subfamily Panesthiinae (Blaberidae) typically live in biparental families; their first instars suffer high mortality when removed from adults, and in at least one species, adults are known to feed neonates on oral liquids. In the closely related gregarious wood-feeding genus Panesthia , no(More)
Protein phosphorylation can be regulated by changes in kinase activity, phosphatase activity, or both. GABA(B) receptor R2 subunit (GABA(B)R2) is phosphorylated at S783 by 5'-AMP-activated-protein kinase (AMPK), and this phosphorylation modulates GABA(B) receptor desensitization. Since the GABA(B) receptor is an integral membrane protein, solubilizing(More)
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