Yukari Kurihara

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(Vr, every 5 m s-1); (c) model-output vertical velocity (w, every 0.5 m s-1); and (d) vertical relative vorticity (z, every 0.5 x 10-3 s-1). Solid (dashed) lines are for positive (negative) values. Figure 16. As in Fig. 9 but for the streamlines (solid) and isotachs (dashed, every 10 m s-1) at (a) 200 hPa; (b) 400 hPa; (c) 850 hPa; and (d) 950 hPa. The(More)
Recent studies on non-invasive recordings from human brain have shown the existence of tasteelicited activation areas in the cerebral cortex [1,2]. Magnetoencephalogram (MEG) is a popular instrument for these non-invasive measurement as well as functional MRI (f-MRI) and positron CT (PET). The advantage of MEG measurement is easy to analyze a time-course(More)
Investigation of the physicochemical characteristics of reinforcement ceramic implant materials which have needle crystal produced the following results. 1. Simple diopside and hydroxyapatite with diopside have enough dynamic intensity of both the implant in point of bending intensity and the breaking toughness. 2. Simple diopside and hydroxyapatite with(More)
The mandibular alveolar ridge extension method is a surgical technique to extend the alveolar ridge up to the required level. Using a surgical splint prepared to meet the clinical requirements establishes the desirable alveolar ridge extension with porous hydroxyapatite (HAP) particles. Before the operation, a working cast of the extremely resorpted(More)
Polar cod, Boreogadus saida, is a key species in the Arctic Ocean ecosystem. We examined the distribution pattern of B. saida and other fish larvae in relation to oceanographic parameters, including sea surface temperature and salinity (SST and SSS), the mode of temperature and salinity within the water column (F temp and F sal), and the temporal duration(More)
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