Yukari Deguchi

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The age-associated changes of the expression of IL-2 binding molecules p55/Tac(alpha chain) and p70/75(beta chain) were examined after phytohemagglutinin (PHA) stimulation. The expressions of both p55/Tac molecules and p70/75 molecules were significantly reduced in the aged compared with those in the young persons. The amounts of p55/Tac and p70/75(More)
Studies have been carried out to determine how the analgesic effect of morphine and the development of tolerance to the effect would be influenced by concurrent exposure to stresses in mice. Application of footshock (FS) stress, which produces analgesia mediated by opioid mu-receptors, or psychological (PSY) stress, which produces analgesia in a manner more(More)
Proliferative responses to the costimulation with phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate (PMA) and suboptimal doses of ionomycin in the purified T and B cells from old mice were lower than those from young mice. The degree of the age-related decline was more significant in T cells than in B cells. Taurine, a sulfur containing amino acid, augmented the(More)
The concentration level of extracellular L-glutamate released from region CA3 of mouse hippocampal slices under tetraethylammonium (TEA) chloride and KCl stimulation was measured with independent methods, i.e., a capillary-based enzyme sensor, a patch sensor, and an enzyme-based imaging method. The L-glutamate level was compared with those at regions CA1(More)
Proliferative responses of highly purified T and B cells from aged persons to the combined stimulation with ionomycin and PMA were more significantly reduced than that from young ones although the degree of the age-related reduction was more significant in T cells than in B cells. In B cells, the levels and kinetics of c-myc gene expression after the(More)
Stressful stimuli, electric footshock (FS), immobilized-water immersion (IW), and cold-water swimming (CWS), produced analgesia and prolonged the pentobarbital hypnosis as well as morphine and clonidine. Naloxone completely antagonized the analgesic effects of morphine and FS and partially that of IW; however, that of clonidine and CWS were not reversed by(More)
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