Yuka Yoshida

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Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is implicated as a molecular mediator for adult neurogenesis and behavioral effects of antidepressant drugs. However, these potential roles of VEGF in the CNS have not been clarified in model animals. Here we have created transgenic mice overexpressing a short active variant of VEGF-A (VEGF120) in forebrain.(More)
In the present study, in order to reveal novel adverse effects of ultrafine particles (UFP) on the central nervous system, the effects of nanoparticle-rich diesel exhaust particles (NRDEP; count mode diameter, 21.45 nm) on emotional behavior, learning capability and brain neurotransmitter levels were studied in rats by intranasal instillation (iNI). NRDEP(More)
We evaluated the enhancement of cured meat taste during maturation by sensory analysis. We focused on the heat-stable sarcoplasmic fraction (HSSF) to identify the factors related to cured meat taste. Because the dry matter of HSSF contained more than 30% nitrogen, nitrogen compounds such as free amino acids, small peptides and adenosine triphosphate-related(More)
BACKGROUND The mechanism of theca cell layer formation in mammalian ovaries has not been elucidated; one reason is that there is no follicle culture system that can reproduce theca cell layer formation in vitro. Therefore, a three-dimensional follicle culture system that can reproduce theca cell layer formation is required. METHODS A collagen gel was used(More)
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