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The longest common extension (LCE) problem is to preprocess a given string w of length n so that the length of the longest common prefix between suffixes of w that start at any two given positions is answered quickly. In this paper, we present a data structure of O(zτ 2 + n τ) words of space which answers LCE queries in O(1) time and can be built in O(n log(More)
Given a string S of n symbols, a longest common extension query LCE(i, j) asks for the length of the longest common prefix of the ith and jth suffixes of S. LCE queries have several important applications in string processing, perhaps most notably to suffix sorting. Recently, Bille et al. (J. described several data structures for answering LCE queries that(More)
In this paper, a middleware suite, which provides a task farming API, is studied in use over the GridRPC standard, in order to reduce the complexity of developing task parallel applications for the grid. APIs are proposed and higher functionality in task scheduling and fault tolerance is implemented in the middleware, based on our past experiences with the(More)
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