Yuka Takeyama

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The effects of zinc on the production of active oxygen species were investigated in rat neutrophils by chemiluminescence and spectrophotometric assays. The luminol-dependent chemiluminescence in unstimulated neutrophils showed a single peak. Zinc at concentrations lower than 0.1 mM augmented the intensity of chemiluminescence and showed a bimodal pattern,(More)
Five bisbenzyl isoquinolines (1–5), three benzyl isoquinolines (6–8), four isoquinoline alkaloids (9–12), and two unclassified compounds (13 and 14) from Popowia perakensis and Phaeanthus crassipetalus were evaluated for their vasorelaxant effect on rat aortic arteries. In aortic rings pre-contracted with phenylephrine (PE, 0.3 μM), some of the bisbenzyl(More)
The effects of zinc hydroxide on the respiratory burst and phagocytosis by rat neutrophils were examined. Zinc hydroxide induced an increase in oxygen consumption and O2- production. Electronmicroscopy showed that neutrophils engulfed zinc hydroxide particles by phagocytosis. Pertussis toxin (0.25, 0.5, 1.0 micrograms/ml) and EGTA (1, 2, 5 mM) inhibited(More)
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