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百lis paper describes an automatic building of N-gram language models from Web texts for large vocabulary continuous speech recognition. Although a huge amount of well-formed texts are needed to train a model, collecting and organizing such text cor­ pus for every task by hand needs a great labor. We need the lan­ guage model to update frequently to cover(More)
Toshiba (tsbmt) participated in the Patent Translation Task at NTCIR-7. We submitted two runs for Japanese-English intrinsic evaluation, one run for English-Japanese intrinsic evaluation and one run for extrinsic evaluation. The machine translation system used for those runs is rule-based one developed for translating open-domain written texts. A technical(More)
Motile porcine sperms adhere to hydrophilic materials such as glass and plastics. The adsorption of sperms to a hydrophobic poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) membrane is less compared with that to glass. We investigated the linear velocity (LV) and amplitude of lateral head displacement (ALHD) of motile porcine sperm on glass and PDMS preparations using(More)
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