Yuka Hashida

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Pancreas from 10 children with idiopathic hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia was examined using histochemical and immunostaining techniques. The children ranged from newborn to 9 months in age. Sections were studied with particular reference to islet cell distribution in patients and controls, and quantitative assessments were made of islet size, relative(More)
Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) is a disorder of stem cells that is associated with venous thrombosis in multiple organ sites. We present a patient with necrotizing pharyngitis and intestinal infarction who has classic laboratory findings for PNH: positive complement-mediated acid and sucrose hemolysis and absence of decay accelerating factor(More)
Pancreases from 8 patients with trisomy 13 were studied. Ectopic splenic tissue was present in 6: 3 had accessory spleens and ectopic splenic tissue embedded in the pancreas, one had intrapancreatic splenic tissue without an accessory spleen, and one had an accessory spleen without intrapancreatic splenic tissue. The intrapancreatic splenic tissue was(More)