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Recent developments in learning technologies such as hypermedia are becoming widespread and offer significant contributions to improving the delivery of learning and teaching materials. A key factor in the development of hypermedia learning systems is cognitive style (CS) as it relates to users " information processing habits, representing individual users(More)
This paper describes a method of obtaining MOLS of order v = 2np for p a prime power. In particular, it gives 5,7 and 9 MOLS of orders 48,40 and 80 respectively. If x = Min(2p-1 ,2n-1 ,4n-2) , it is conjectured that x MOLS of order v are always-obtainable by this method.
We propose a method for fitting growth curves to multiple recapture data of lobsters when the age at first capture is unknown. The von Bertalanffy growth curve is used to model the growth. To account for individual variability, the unknown age in logarithmic scale of a lobster at first capture, the individual asymptotic size, and the individual growth(More)
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