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Why can CuInSe2 be readily equilibrium-doped n-type but the wider-gap CuGaSe2 cannot?
The wider-gap members of a semiconductor series such as diamond→Si→Ge or AlN→GaN→InN often cannot be doped n-type at equilibrium. We study theoretically if this is the case in the chalcopyrite familyExpand
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WOx domain size, acid properties and mechanistic aspects of glycerol hydrogenolysis over Pt/WOx/ZrO2
Abstract Supported WOx catalysts are widely investigated in glycerol hydrogenolysis for their high selectivity to 1,3-propanediol (1,3-PDO). The high performance is often related to surface BronstedExpand
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Bio-inspired polyene cyclization: synthesis of tetracyclic terpenoids promoted by steroidal acetal-SnCl4.
This communication describes a highly efficient intermolecular polyene cyclization method using steroidal acetals as the initiators to synthesize tetracyclic terpenoids; both good yields and goodExpand
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Enantioselective cationic polyene cyclization vs enantioselective intramolecular carbonyl-ene reaction.
This paper describes highly efficient catalytic enantioselective cationic polyene cyclization and catalytic enantioselective intramolecular carbonyl-ene reaction in good to high yields with highExpand
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Lewis Acid-promoted intermolecular acetal-initiated cationic polyene cyclizations.
This paper describes a highly efficient intermolecular biomimetic polyene cyclization method using acetal as initiators. Both good yield and asymmetric induction were obtained.
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Synthesis of ethanol via syngas on Cu/SiO2 catalysts with balanced Cu0-Cu+ sites.
This paper describes an emerging synthetic route for the production of ethanol (with a yield of ~83%) via syngas using Cu/SiO(2) catalysts. The remarkable stability and efficiency of the catalystsExpand
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Bioinspired polyene cyclization promoted by intermolecular chiral acetal-SnCl4 or chiral N-acetal-TiCl4: investigation of the mechanism and identification of the key intermediates.
New strategies using chiral acetal or chiral mixed-acetal in the presence of Lewis acids (SnCl4 or TiCl4) to promote polyene cyclization reaction are described. Acetal-promoted andExpand
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Indium tribromide-promoted arene-terminated epoxy olefin cyclization.
An arene-terminated epoxy olefin cyclization was promoted by a water-tolerant Lewis acid to give tri- and tetracyclic 3beta-hydroxy terpenoids and steroid derivatives in 57 and 37% yields,Expand
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Asymmetric total synthesis of antiochic acid.
The first asymmetric total synthesis of antiochic acid using bioinspired polyene cyclization strategy is described. Both good yield and good asymmetric induction were obtained.
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Bio-inspired polyene cyclization: aziridinyl polyene cyclization catalyzed by InBr(3).
This communication describes a highly efficient aziridinyl polyolefin cyclization catalyzed by InBr(3) to synthesize chiral terpenoid bearing a 3-amino group in the A ring; both good yields andExpand
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