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An individual-tree diameter growth model was developed for Cunninghamia lanceolata in Fujian province, southeast China. Data were obtained from 72 plantation-grown China-fir trees in 24 single-species plots. Ordinary non-linear least squares regression was used to choose the best base model from among 5 theoretical growth equations; selection criteria were(More)
Digital Forestry has been proposed as " the science, technology, and art of systematically acquiring, integrating, analyzing, and applying digital information to support sustainable forests. " Although rooted in traditional forestry disciplines, Digital Forestry draws from a host of other fields that, in the past few decades, have become important for(More)
Selenium- (Se-) enriched polysaccharide SPMP-2a was extracted and purified from Pleurotus geesteranus. SPMP-2a is a white flocculent polysaccharide and soluble in water, with a molecular weight of 3.32 × 104 Da. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy spectral analysis indicated that it belongs to an acid Se polysaccharide with α-D-glucopyranoside bond. The(More)
Previous studies have shown that overgeneral autobiographical memory (OGM) is a characteristic of depression. However, there are no studies to explore the association between baseline OGM and depressive symptoms at follow-up in patients with first-episode depression (FE). This study investigated whether baseline OGM predicts depressive symptoms at follow-up(More)
When dealing with large data set, support vector machine (SVM) needs lots of time to learn and lots of space to store. For reducing the cost of time and space, it need to select a subset of the training set. The samples locating near the boundary of the data distribution has more information than that locating within the data distribution. For searching the(More)
OBJECTIVES We proposed that the severity of ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) could be classified based on pathophysiological changes. METHODS First-STEMI patients were classified within hospitalization. Grade 0: no detectable myocardial necrosis; Grade 1: myocardial necrosis without functional and morphological abnormalities; Grade 2:(More)
Taiwan is a young orogenic belt with complex spatial distributions of deformation and earthquakes. We have constructed a three-dimensional finite element model to explore how the interplays between lithospheric structure and plate boundary processes control the distribution of stress and strain rates in the Taiwan region. The model assumes a liberalized(More)
Hericium erinaceus is an important mushroom with edible values and medicinal properties. Both the mycelium and the fruiting bodies contain many bioactive compounds with drug efficacy. Recent evidence demonstrates that it is helpful to various diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, immunoregulatory, and many types of cancer. Furthermore, emerging pieces of(More)
We have implemented a second-order finite difference method for two-dimensional and three-dimensional Rayleigh-Bénard thermal convection, corresponding to convection in the Earth's mantle, on a single Fermi GPU. These codes are written in C for CUDA, making heavy use of CUBLAS routines for efficiency, and achieve performance on the order of 535 GFLOP/s and(More)
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