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We say that a function F (τ) obeys WDVV equations, if for a given invertible symmetric matrix η αβ and all τ ∈ T ⊂ R n , the expressions c α β γ (τ) = η αλ c λβγ (τ) = η αλ ∂ λ ∂ β ∂ γ F can be considered as structure constants of commutative associative algebra; the matrix η αβ inverse to η αβ determines an invariant scalar product on this algebra. A(More)
We present a technique that simulates wet garments for virtual humans with realistic folds and wrinkles. Our approach combines three new models to allow realistic simulation of wet garments: (1) a simplified saturation model that modifies the masses, (2) a nonlinear friction model derived from previously reported, real-world measurements, and (3) a wrinkle(More)
—We introduce a non-uniform composition that integrates multiple rendering styles in a picture driven by an importance map. This map, either issued from saliency estimation or designed by a user, is introduced both in the creation of the multiple styles and in the final composition. Our approach accommodates a variety of stylization techniques, such as(More)
In this paper I give an explicit conformal field theory description of (2+1)-dimensional BTZ black hole entropy. In the boundary Liouville field theory I investigate the reducible Verma modules in the elliptic sector, which correspond to certain irreducible representations of the quantum algebra U q (sl 2) ⊙ U ˆ q (sl 2). I show that there are states that(More)
We use a subtraction method to construct NLO corrections in a Monte-Carlo event generator for the case of vector boson production in Drell-Yan processes. Our calculations are carried out both for the Bengtsson-Sjöstrand-van Zijl (BSZ) algorithm and for a modified algorithm proposed by Collins. In the case of the modified algorithm, we compute the relation(More)
— We study a three-node network with a full-duplex base-station communicating with one uplink and one downlink half-duplex node. In this network, both self-interference and inter-node interference are present. We use an antenna-theory-based channel model to study the spatial degrees of freedom of such network, and study if and how much does spatial(More)
It has been increasingly recognized that only distal lower order roots turn over actively within the <2 mm fine root system of trees. This study aimed to estimate fine root production and turnover rate based on lower order fine roots and their relations to soil variables in mangroves. We conducted sequential coring in five natural mangrove forests at(More)
In this thesis we consider in general image structures and more specifically, image gradients and contours. They have been proven useful in recent years for various computer graphics applications, such as Augmented Reality (AR), image and video stylization. The goal of analyzing image structures is to describe a high level understanding of image contents(More)