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Eukaryotic DNA polymerase δ (pol δ) plays a crucial role in chromosomal DNA replication and various DNA repair processes. It is thought to consist of p125, p66 (p68), p50 and p12 subunits. However, rigorous isolation of mammalian pol δ from natural sources has usually yielded two-subunit preparations containing only p125 and p50 polypeptides. While(More)
Mammalian DNA polymerase δ (pol δ), a four-subunit enzyme, plays a crucial and versatile role in DNA replication and various DNA repair processes. Its function as a chromosomal DNA polymerase is dependent on the association with proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) which functions as a molecular sliding clamp. All four of the pol δ subunits (p125, p50,(More)
Ideal access structures admit ideal secret sharing schemes where the shares have the minimal size.As multipartite access structures can well mirror the real social organizations, of which the participants arepartitioned into disjoint groups according to their properties, it is desirable to find expressive ideal multipartiteaccess structures. Integer(More)
This study was undertaken to assess the diagnostic value of 2-[(18)F]-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose positron emission tomography with computed tomography ([(18)F]-FDG-PET/CT) in the detection of radiation toxicity in normal bone marrow using Tibet minipigs as a model. Eighteen Tibet minipigs were caged in aseptic rooms and randomly divided into six groups. Five(More)
Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a non-invasive method to modulate cortical excitability in humans. Here, we examined the effects of anodal tDCS on suprahyoid motor evoked potentials (MEP) when applied over the hemisphere with stronger and weaker suprahyoid/submental projections, respectively, while study participants performed a swallowing(More)
The availability and reliability of large critical infrastructures depend on decisions made by hundreds or thousands of interdependent entities and, by extension, on the information that the entities exchange with each other. In the electric power grid, the widespread deployment of devices that measure and report readings many times per second offers new(More)
Various per- and poly-fluorinated compounds (PFCs) were first systematically investigated in North Canal Basin, Beijing, China. A total of 68 surface water samples were collected from North Canal Basin, Beijing, at high spatial resolution. The seasonal disparity was compared and associated with source variation. PFCs concentrations in low-water period(More)