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A fast intra mode decision algorithm for H.264/AVC is proposed in this paper. The objective is to reduce the encoder complexity without significant rate-distortion performance degradation. Three methods are adopted: (1) the block size is selected between 4times4 block and 16times16 block based on the smoothness and correlation information. (2) A(More)
A novel inter mode decision algorithm is proposed. Three methods are adopted in order to improve coding efficiency. Firstly, early skip mode decision. Secondly, the candidate modes can be decided based on the cost of Motion Estimation ( motion J ) and the cost of mode decision ( mod e J ). Thirdly, fast intra mode decision algorithm is proposed. Some(More)
Reducing the feature dimensionality can improve the computational efficiency of electrocardiogram (ECG) beats classification system. In the long term ECG classification task, vector quantization has demonstrated its advantage in both dimensionality reduction and accuracy increase, but the existing vector quantization methods are not capable of representing(More)
Vector quantization(VQ) can perform efficient feature extraction from electrocardiogram (ECG) with the advantages of dimensionality reduction and accuracy increase. However, the existing dictionary learning algorithms for vector quantization are sensitive to dirty data, which compromises the classification accuracy. To tackle the problem, we propose a novel(More)
We present a method to generate the elemental image array (EIA) in integral imaging in this paper. The discrete viewpoint image array is captured from a discrete viewpoint pickup platform and is treated by a window interception algorithm to obtain the subimage array (SIA). The EIA can be obtained from the SIA according to the transformation relationship(More)
In this paper, a novel remote sensing image enhancement method is proposed. Firstly, the image is decomposed into a low-frequency component and some high-frequency components with NSCT; Secondly, contrast stretching is applied to improve the contrast of the low-frequency and the adaptive threshold is used to remove noise of the high-frequency; Thirdly, the(More)
A fast inter mode decision algorithm for H.264 is proposed in this paper. Computational savings are achieved by identifying macroblocks (MBs) that are likely to be skipped in advance. This early prediction are made by three steps: 1) Based on the correlation of MBs and threshold, prior to motion estimation (ME), SKIP mode can be decided; 2) After ME, if the(More)
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