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BACKGROUND Betel quid chewing is a common habit widely practiced in Southern Asian populations. However, variations are seen in the content of a betel quid across the different countries. Factors associated with commencement and cessation of this habit has been numerously studied. Unfortunately, data on Malaysian population is non-existent. This study aims(More)
BACKGROUND Tobacco consumption peak in developed countries has passed, however, it is on the increase in many developing countries. Apart from cigarettes, consumption of local hand-rolled cigarettes such as bidi and rokok daun are prevalent in specific communities. Although factors associated with smoking initiation and cessation has been investigated(More)
Purpose Patient safety is an important component of the quality of health care. As health care organizations improv e their quality of care, importance of establishing patient safety culture arises. According to WHO, rate of adverse incidents of healthcare system is very high in developing countries. Sri Lanka, being a developing country, may encounter(More)
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