Yujing She

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Tear film hyperosmolarity along with exposure to oxidant stress are factors that can induce chronic ocular surface inflammation and pain. However, there is limited information on how increases in reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated by oxidant exposure can induce inflammation. There is emerging evidence in other tissues that innate immune responses to a(More)
Currently, the navigation and positioning services face some problems, such as specificiality, unicity, poor value-added services and so on. This paper proposes a cloud computing supported platform based on the popular cloud computing and server virtualization technology. Our proposed method supports comprehensive application integrating special navigation(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate effects of a novel multi-ingredient artificial tear formulation containing carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and hyaluronic acid (HA) in a murine dry eye model. METHODS Dry eye was induced in mice (C57BL/6) using an intelligently controlled environmental system (ICES). CMC+HA (Optive Fusion™), CMC-only (Refresh Tears(®)), and HA-only(More)
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