Yujin Wang

2Jingxin Zhou
2Tifeng Jiao
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In this paper, new azobenzene imide derivatives with different substituent groups were designed and synthesized. Their gelation behaviors in 21 solvents were tested as novel low-molecular-mass organic gelators. It was shown that the alkyl substituent chains and headgroups of azobenzene residues in gelators played a crucial role in the gelation behavior of(More)
Self-assembly of hierarchical graphene oxide (GO)-based nanomaterials with novel functions has received a great deal of attentions. In this study, nanostructured organogels based on cationic amphiphile-GO composites were prepared. The gelation behaviors of amphiphile-GO composites in organic solvents can be regulated by changing the headgroups of(More)
In the current study, the effects of ethanol (EtOH) on toxicokinetics of methamphetamine (MA) and its metabolite amphetamine (AP) were investigated. A single dose of MA hydrochloride at 15 mg/Kg was given intragastrically, either alone (MA group; n = 8) or in conjunction with 3 g/Kg EtOH (MA+EtOH group; n = 8) to rabbits. In placebo group, normal saline(More)
— This paper addresses the problem of optimal state estimation (OSE) for a wide class of nonlinear time series models. Empirical evidence suggests that the Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF), proposed by Julier and Uhlman, is a promising technique for OSE with satisfactory performance. Unscented Transformation (UT) is the central and vital operation performed in(More)
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