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Today’s emerging traffic is far removed from the traffic trends seen during the early days of Ethernet technology. As a result, the current IEEE 802.1 standards and its extensions to the Spanning Tree protocol fall short of providing satisfactory quality of service for traffic which has a significant amount of QoS-sensitive multimedia and VOIP traffic. In(More)
The IEEE802.11x based wireless LAN technologies are leading the indoor Internet distribution in education, business and home environments. They are usually deployed as wireless extension of a broadband access to the network (i.e. DSL, cable modem, etc). These technologies are based on CSMA/CA media access with a positive MAC layer acknowledgement and a(More)
Bluetooth has been regarded as a promising solution for wireless connection between hand-held devices. In Bluetooth, a message is segmented into short packets to be transmitted over different frequency bands to randomize error occurrences. There are various kinds of packets with different sizes and error-handling schemes. Since each packet type has its own(More)
A microgrid is an eco-friendly power system because renewable sources such as solar and wind power are used as the main power sources. For this reason, much research, development, and demonstration projects have recently taken place in many countries. Operation is one of the important research topics for microgrids. For efficient and economical microgrid(More)