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Manganese (II), a transition metal, causes pulmonary inflammation upon environmental or occupational inhalation in excess. We investigated a potential molecular mechanism underlying manganese-induced pulmonary inflammation. Manganese (II) delayed HIF-1alpha protein disappearance, which occurred by inhibiting HIF-prolyl hydroxylase (HPH), the key enzyme for(More)
The acetabular labrum serves many integral functions within the hip joint. As a result, novel surgical techniques that aim to preserve or reconstruct the labrum have entered the spotlight. We have performed labral reconstruction using the quadriceps tendon as an autograft for a patient with a moderate labral defect. The purpose of this report is to propose(More)
Surgical reconstruction is a general approach for an anterior cruciate ligament rupture. Techniques have evolved from single-bundle to double-bundle reconstruction to restore the 2 anatomically and functionally different bundles as much as possible. However, there is controversy regarding which method yields superior clinical outcomes. The purpose of this(More)
Acknowledgements This thesis would not have been possible without the efforts and assistance of many other people. I would like to extend a special thanks to Prof. YuJin Ko, without whose superhuman support and understanding, this thesis would never have been possible. Prof. Ko's wealth of experience and knowledge, not to mention his encouragement, has made(More)
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