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A three-dimensional finite element model is developed for the simulation of the sound transmission through the human auditory periphery consisting of the external ear canal, middle ear and cochlea. The cochlea is modelled as a straight duct divided into two fluid-filled scalae by the basilar membrane (BM) having an orthotropic material property with(More)
Finite element (FE) model is used to analyze the coupling effects between ossicular chain and transducer of implantable middle-ear hearing devices. The mass loading of the transducer is attached to the long process of the incus in the form of floating mass transducer (FMT) or applied near the incus-stapes joint by a magnet of contactless electromagnetic(More)
A size-dependent Euler–Bernoulli beam model, which accounts for nonlocal stress field, strain gradient field and higher order inertia force field, is derived based on the nonlocal strain gradient theory considering velocity gradient effect. The governing equations and boundary conditions are derived both in dimensional and dimensionless form by employed the(More)
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