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Numerous transport protocols have been proposed in related work for use by mobile hosts over wireless environments. A common theme among the design of such protocols is that they specifically address the distinct characteristics of the last-hop wireless link, such as random wireless errors, round-trip time variations, blackouts, handoffs, etc. In this(More)
— Correlation of data sent by different sensors in a wireless sensor network can be exploited during the data gathering process to improve energy efficiency. In this paper, we study the energy efficiency of correlation aware data aggregation trees under various sensor network conditions and the tradeoffs involved in using them. The following two related(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are typically characterized by a limited energy supply at sensor nodes. Hence, energy efficiency is an important issue in the system design and operation of WSNs. In this paper, we introduce a novel communication paradigm that enables energy-efficient information delivery in wireless sensor networks. Compared with traditional(More)
Sensors-to-sink data in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are typically correlated with each other. Exploiting such correlation when performing data aggregation can result in considerable improvements in the bandwidth and energy performance of WSNs. In order to exploit such correlation, we present a scalable and distributed correlation-aware aggregation(More)
— In this paper we consider TCP based applications that use bandwidth guarantees, but can also benefit from any additional best-effort service offered by the network. We show that default TCP cannot offer such applications the aggregate throughput offered by the two services. We propose an adaptation of TCP called GTCP that uses changes to TCP's congestion(More)
Existence of the long pipeline in hydraulic system will worsen the system dynamic performance. Aiming to acquire a simple control system model, a mass-damping dynamic model was used to simulate pipeline element by analyzing kinetic feature and physical properties of fluid in pipeline, and pipeline transfer function was derived. Mathematic model of position(More)
This paper focuses on the way for no-reference objective video quality assessment based on de-compressed domain of mobile multimedia broadcasting, it analysis the blocking artifacts and blurring algorithm of damaged image with different test sequences at different compression rates, and uses the linear-weighted methods to estimate the value of objective(More)