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In this paper, a new method of human detection based on depth map from 3D sensor Kinect is proposed. First, the pixel filtering and context filtering are employed to roughly repair defects on the depth map due to information inaccuracy captured by Kinect. Second, a dataset consisting of depth maps with various indoor human poses is constructed as benchmark.(More)
The effect of gold nanoparticles on lung cancer cells is not yet clear. In this study, we investigated the cytotoxicity and cell invasion activity of lung cancer cells after treatment with gold nanoparticles and showed that small gold nanoparticles can be endocytosed by lung cancer cells and that they facilitate cell invasion. The growth of A549 cells was(More)
Tight junction dysfunction plays a vital role in some chronic inflammatory diseases. Pro-inflammatory cytokines, especially tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), act as important factors in intestinal epithelial tight junction dysfunction during inflammatory conditions. Autophagy has also been shown to be crucial in tight junction function and claudin-2(More)
An improved face detection and recognition method based on information of skin color and depth obtained by binocular vision system was proposed in this paper. With this method, the face area was detected firstly by using Adaboost algorithm. Afterwards, the real face was distinguished from fake one by using the skin color information and the depth data.(More)
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