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A Covalent Organic Framework-Derived Hydrophilic Magnetic Graphene Composite as a Unique Platform for Detection of Phthalate Esters from Packaged Milk Samples
The development of functional nanocomposites based on covalent organic framework (COF) is still highly important. In this work, a novel COF-functionalized hydrophilic magnetic grapheneExpand
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Quantitative Determination of Manganese in Aqueous Solutions and Seawater by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Using Paper Substrates
The detection of manganese (Mn) in industrial wastewater and seawater plays an important role in pollution monitoring and the investigation of geochemical and biological processes in the ocean. AnExpand
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Improved mechanical properties of polylactide nanocomposites-reinforced with cellulose nanofibrils through interfacial engineering via amine-functionalization.
One of the main factors responsible for the mechanical and physical properties of nanocomposites is the effectiveness of the interfacial region to transfer loads and mechanical vibrations between theExpand
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High modulus biocomposites via additive manufacturing: Cellulose nanofibril networks as “microsponges”
Abstract For the successful transition of additive manufacturing (AM) from prototyping to manufacturing of structural load bearing parts, feedstock systems with improved mechanical properties areExpand
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Can technology adoption for older adults be co-created?
Technology can be very valuable to support older adults to remain healthy and active in their daily living. How to design technological product and service systems that will be adopted by olderExpand
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Treatment of Aged Landfill Leachate by a Self-Sustained Microbial Fuel Cell-Microbial Electrolysis Cell System
Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) can supply power and drive reactions for microbial electrolysis cells (MECs) when they are connected in series. This study designed three different air-cathodeExpand
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Radiofrequency circuit design and performance evaluation for small animal frequency-domain NIR fluorescence optical tomography
Herein we report on hardware development and evaluation for frequency-domain photon migration (FDPM) technique that is miniaturized for incorporation into a micro-CT gantry for hybrid CT/NIR/PETExpand
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The implementation of building-integrated photovoltaics in Singapore: drivers versus barriers
As a highly urbanised city-state with limited rooftop space but large facade areas of skyscrapers, Singapore is particularly suitable for the implementation of building-integrated photovoltaicsExpand
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Reduction of noise floor for molecular, fluorescence-enhanced optical imaging
Near infrared fluorescence (NIRF) optical imaging has been successfully demonstrated to offer a high specificity and sensitivity in detecting various diseases. However, the measurement sensitivity ofExpand
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Detection improvement of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy using the flame generated from alcohol-solution mixtures.
It has been proved that the detection of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) could be improved by the flame. In this work, we applied flame enhanced LIBS for the detection of elements inExpand
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