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Anti-ErbB2 antibodies are used as convenient tools in exploration of ErbB2 functional mechanisms and in treatment of ErbB2-overexpressing tumors. When we employed the yeast Pichia pastoris to express an anti-ErbB2 single-chain antibody (scFv) derived from the tumor-inhibitory monoclonal antibody A21, the yield did not exceed 1-2 mg/L in shake flask(More)
BACKGROUND Lung radiation injury is a critical complication of radiotherapy (RT) for thoracic esophageal carcinoma (EC). Therefore, the goal of this study was to investigate the feasibility and dosimetric effects of reducing the lung tissue irradiation dose during RT for thoracic EC by applying volumetric modulated arc radiotherapy (VMAT) combined with(More)
EJO1, a novel gene presumably involved in the ovary development of the Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir japonica sinensis), was identified and characterized by suppression subtractive hybridization and cDNA macroarray analysis. EJO1 expression was 2.6-fold higher at stage III than at stage II during the ovary development of the mitten crab. EJO1 is 876 bp in(More)
OBJECTIVES Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) is one of the most common forms of congenital heart disease. In this study, we aimed at investigating the associations between genetic variations of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) gene and the risk of TOF in a Chinese Han population. Our findings may contribute to a deeper understanding of TOF pathogenesis and(More)
OBJECTIVES Adenoma detection rate (ADR) is a key colonoscopy quality indicator in Western clinical literature. Our low ADR prompted us to assess novel methods to improve performance. Western retrospective reports suggested that water exchange (WE) could increase ADR. However, most of these studies used pain score or intubation rate as the primary outcome.(More)
MicroRNA-9-1(miR-9-1) plays an important role in the mechanism that regulates the lineage fate of differentiating hematopoietic cells. Recent studies have shown that miR-9-1 is downregulated in t (8; 21) AML. However, the pathogenic mechanisms underlying miR-9-1 downregulation and the RUNX1-RUNX1T1 fusion protein, generated from the translocation of t (8;(More)
Salvianolate Lyophilized Injection (SLI), a traditional Chinese medicinal (TCM) preparation which is used to treat stroke, is composed of multiple salvianolic acids from the aqueous extracts of Salvia miltiorrhiza, and includes mainly protocatechualdehyde, rosmarinic acid, salvianolic acid B, salvianolic acid D, salvianolic acid E, diastereomer of(More)
Phenolic compounds affect intracellular free Ca(2+) concentration ([Ca(2+)](i)) signaling. The study examined whether the simple phenolic compound octyl gallate affects ATP-induced Ca(2+) signaling in PC12 cells using fura-2-based digital Ca(2+) imaging and whole-cell patch clamping. Treatment with ATP (100 microM) for 90 s induced increases in [Ca(2+)](i)(More)
To investigate the potential cardioprotective effects of Shuang Shen Ning Xin on myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury. Wistar rats were treated with trimetazidine (10 mg/kg/day, ig), Shuang Shen Ning Xin (22.5, 45 mg/kg/day, ig), or saline for 5 consecutive days. Myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury was induced by ligation of the left anterior(More)
OBJECTIVE The aims of current study were to assess the level of tobacco knowledge, anti-tobacco messages and major information channels in Zhejiang. METHODS Face-to-face interviews were conducted with 2112 adults in Zhejiang. Data on demographic information, smoking status, tobacco knowledge, anti-tobacco messages and major information channels was(More)