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Concrete is a composite material that has mostly been used for buildings and road surfaces since early human history. It is also applied to contemporary product design, as it has rather interesting aesthetic properties. In this late-breaking work, we present a series of small-scale explorations of concrete: first in which we exploited its hydroscopicity to(More)
LightingHair (LH) is a lighting interactive system towards personal fashion based on wearable technology. This paper mainly discuss how light media emerges in our daily fashion life and the new possibilities brought with interaction and intelligence. 3 scenarios of ambient awareness, arousal awareness and social interaction were explored how environment and(More)
CD34 cells differentiated from mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have a strong biological function in cardiovascular regeneration. However, the molecular mechanisms of and the methods to improve the CD34 cell differentiation from MSCs, especially from human MSCs (hUC-MSCs) are still unclear. In the current study, the effect of CD34 antibody on the CD34 cell(More)
Human epidermis, as the largest organ on body, has become a new design platform for wearable computing. The availability of miniature electronics makes more possibilities for on-skin designs. In this paper, we present AnimSkin, a thin-film interface, which will emit dynamic color animations directly on skin. This is done by using thermochromic material(More)
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