Yujia Deng

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Selenium (Se) is an essential trace element in most organisms but has to be carefully handled since there is a thin line between beneficial and toxic concentrations. Many bacteria have the ability to reduce selenite (Se(IV)) and (or) selenate (Se(VI)) to red elemental selenium that is less toxic. A strictly aerobic bacterium, Comamonas testosteroni S44,(More)
On the basis of analyzing high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system and its fault superimposed circuit, the direction of the fault components of the voltage and the current measured at one end of transmission line is certified to be different for internal faults and external faults. As an estimate of the differences between two signals,(More)
Objective: This paper presents a new approach for fault classification in extra high voltage (EHV) transmission line using a rough membership neural network (RMNN) classifier. Methods: Wavelet transform is used for the decomposition of measured current signals and for extraction of ten significant time–frequency domain features (TFDF), as well as three(More)
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