Yuji Yonezawa

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To examine the rate-of-living theory, age-related changes in amino acid pool sizes were investigated in the adult silkmoth, Bombyx mori, reared at low and high temperature. At either temperature concentrations of free amino acids contained in silkmoths revealed a great sexual difference. Those in females were generally much higher than in males and the(More)
We propose a model of spectral contextual eects to simulate the superior recognition ability of humans and apply it to a front-end processor for word spotting. This model assumes that perceived spectra are in BLOCKINuenced by adjacent spectral peaks and that the magnitude of the in BLOCKINuence can be estimated by the minimum classication error criterion.(More)
  • Y Yonezawa
  • 1990
Two experiments were carried out to make clear the mechanism of inferences and the representation of semantic categories with the instantiating information. In Experiment 1, verification times of instantiating-context-dependent category membership were measured for 24 graduate and undergraduate students. Verification times in RT (related true instance)(More)
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